March 24, 2017

What does a certified Scrum Product Training stored in for you?

Giving every minute instruction to the employees exists no more. Presently, organizations prefer employing Agile candidates who can manipulate the working process and are more adept to new technologies and changes of the modern world. Scrum is one of the methodologies of the agile that facilities, hassle free processing of the project. The importance of a certified scrum product owner ... Read More »

Importance of Python, Mysql and Django

Python, Mysql and Django Online Training will teach you about the basic concepts and programming that is done using these three concepts. Considered as the drivers of the modern day web development, there is no denying that if you take up a Mysql Training Course in Toronto you will learn most of the things related to creating queries and dealing ... Read More »

Social media firms given a month to fix consumer rights issues in Europe

Facebook, Twitter and Google are under more pressure in Europe to comply with regional rules. The latest issue they find themselves on the hook for relates to complaints pertaining to a variety of consumer rights that have been investigated by EU regulators since last year. EU consumer authorities have been specifically looking into complaints about unfair terms and conditions, and looking for ways to tackle ... Read More »

A Simple Guide for Effective SAP Automation Testing

Running a business in the contemporary setup requires an innovative mindset.  In this regard most business operations are now run using advanced IT applications which help cut cost and increase efficiency. From finance and controlling (FICO), plant management, human resource (HR), sales and distribution to inventory management there are software tools deployed to boost productivity. Leveraging SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource ... Read More »

Revolution in Health care industries

Like many other industries, healthcare is often chosen based on convenience. This is true whether it is due to more technology use or where someone chooses to go for treatment. Therefore, more 24 HR urgent care Cypress TX are seeing more patients take advantage of available services. More people have difficulty making appointments with their regular physician and just opt ... Read More »

Google makes it easier for companies to transfer data to its cloud

Onstage today at Google’s Cloud Next conference, the company announced a series of new tools to assist users with data preparation and integration. The updates bolster both the power and agility of Google Cloud for businesses. The first of these releases is the new private beta of Google Cloud Dataprep. Dataprep makes the data preparation process more visual. The tool ... Read More »