February 21, 2017

Best free iPad games 2017

So you’ve got an iPad, but have come to the dawning realisation that you’ve got no cash left to buy any games for it. Have no fear, because the App Store offers plenty of iPad gaming goodness for the (unintentional or otherwise) skinflint. Haven’t bought an iPad yet and not sure which is best? We’ve got them listed on our ... Read More »

Optimize Business Growth With These Three Simple Tips

If you’ve decided that you want to make 2017 the year that your business becomes incredibly successful, know that you can realize the goal. One secret to generating the outcome you want is being strategic in your approach to all business-building endeavors. Below you will find just three of many strategies that you can systematically implement to see the growth ... Read More »

Vitamin D in our food could save lives

Because the likes of us can’t be trusted to eat properly or go outside in the sunshine, poor old science is once again having to pick up the pieces and fix our frail, pale bodies. The latest plan that could magically stop us all dying earlier than our plague-ridden, bow-legged ancestors, or at least stop us getting so many colds? ... Read More »

The best free privacy software 2017

Free privacy software You don’t need to be Edward Snowden to want privacy protection; you might not like your entire life mined by advertisers, you might be planning to sell a hard drive and want to wipe its contents, or you might want to keep your personal information secure when using a public Wi-Fi hotspot. The privacy software here covers ... Read More »

Lenovo Faces ‘Sizeable Challenges’ as Smartphone Sales Slump 23 Percent

Chinese technology giant Lenovo said it faced “sizeable challenges” Thursday as it saw profits plunge by more than two thirds. The Beijing-based company remains the world’s largest PC maker, but has been trying to broaden its smartphone business as the market for personal computers fizzles. But it has struggled to keep pace with Apple and Android rivals. Shares in Lenovo ... Read More »

Huawei P10 Plus With Dual-Curved Display Spotted in Images

Shortly after images of the Huawei P10 smartphone made it to the Internet, we have now been treated with images of the alleged Huawei P10 Plus. The Chinese company has already confirmed that the Huawei P10 will be unveiled at the company’s February 26 event in Barcelona at the sidelines of MWC 2017. We can expect the alleged Huawei P10 ... Read More »

More Apple Security Flaws, Cyberattacks, Hacktivisim

More security vulnerabilities will appear in the software of Adobe and Apple than in Microsoft’s, more attacks on the Internet’s infrastructure will occur, and cybersecurity events will stoke international tensions. Those are a few of the predictions for 2017 that security experts shared with TechNewsWorld. Users of Apple desktops and laptops for years have been relatively insulated from the kinds ... Read More »

Germany Could Ding Facebook for Fake News

The frenzied 2016 election cycle mercifully is over, but Facebook’s fake news problem isn’t going away. The company may face steep fines in Germany if it fails to address it satisfactorily. A bill slated for consideration next year would establish fines of up to $500,000 euros per day for each day that a fake news story persisted after notification of ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Receiving Firmware Update in India That Brings Samsung Pay App

Samsung has started rolling out firmware update to its Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones and interestingly, the update for the former device brings along yet-to-be launched Samsung Pay app to devices in India. This is a strong indication that the South Korean conglomerate might be announcing its payments service in India very soon. The Samsung Galaxy Note ... Read More »